les Cm2 écrivent au Père Noel

Hi Father Christhmas

How are you ? My name is Noham , I come from Romainville and I have 10 years old. For Christhmas, I want: a dog , 10 homes and books .

Good Bye .

Hello Father Christmas!

.My name is Imane.I live in Romainville.I have 10 years old.For Christmas, I want a book, a machine hasto sew, a board games

Good bye.

Hello Father Christmas ,

My name is Elise and I have 10 years old. I come from Romainville .

How are you ?

For Cristmas I want a bike , a book and a paints .

Good bye


My name is Daniela.

What do you like to do ?

I want a board game, the lego friends and a powpow world.

Good bye


Hello how are you?  Father Christmas my name is Samy . I come from Romainville . For christmas I want : sport shoe,car télécomande ,baby foot


Hello what do you like to do? do you like play? for christimas,I want a football game ,a bike ,a book and a rite.Good bye.